Sălcioara Restaurant is conveniently located in downtown Chisinau. The interior design highlights Moldovan traditions giving our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in our culture and experience rituals passed along from generation to generation by our ancestors.

For century’s traditional dishes from Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, Russia and the Ukraine influenced our national cuisine. However, despite this international influence our cuisine has been able to retain its Moldavian specific characteristics cultivated from the heat of our hearths and our local harvests.

To prepare our dishes, we use recipes that were collected over time from the older generations of villagers who have been happy to share their cooking secrets with our culinary staff.

An experienced chef, who knows how to prepare delicious dishes, is a sign of prestige for any restaurant.

At Salcioara our patrons will find foods acclaimed nationally and across Europe.  We offer a large variety of foods prepared from fresh local ingredients that will satisfy those with a sophisticated taste for fine meals.

Sălcioara restaurant can also accommodate private events and receptions.  We can help you host small or large celebrations for your family members or for business partners.  With our outstanding service and professionalism, we will customize every event to fit your needs. We welcome you to Salcioara Restaurant.